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Pick concrete elements to improve your landscape

Home and business owners often think about landscaping in terms of arranging and modifying plants and other natural landscaping materials like soil and rocks. Yet, landscape design has evolved to include more man-made elements such as concrete. So, why use concrete?

Endless forms

Concrete is a building material that has liquid qualities before it sets. As a result, it’s easy to mold it into a wide variety of shapes.

Custom colors

It’s also easy to add pigments to concrete. You can even add glow-in-the-dark materials so that concrete landscape elements light up at night.

Decorative surfaces

Lastly, you can add texture to the surface with any type of embedded object. You can also create texture with stamping and other tools.

Concrete is an inexpensive, versatile material that enhances any landscape. Popular concrete landscaping additions include pots and urns, walkways, light bases, columns, statues, birdbaths and benches. For more tips or assistance with designing your new landscape, contact our team of expert landscape designers today.

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