4 structures to enhance your landscape design

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Outdoor fireplace and pergola

4 structures to enhance your landscape design

Landscape design extends beyond simply installing the perfect plants for a backyard oasis. Permanent and seasonal structures can transform a garden and how the space is used. Here are four landscaping structures that can make a huge difference.


Arbors create an inviting entrance to your garden, especially when you train a flowering vine on the arbor uprights.


If you want an open-rafter structure for providing shade, a pergola fills the bill.


Choosing the perfect sunny or shady patio provides a luxurious sitting area where you can also cultivate and enjoy an easy-care container garden.


Not only for weddings, the romantic appeal of a gazebo can endure for years to come, transforming an outdoor area into a social space.

Call J&S Landscapes, your premier landscaping company in the Boulder, Colorado area to boost your landscape design appeal with your choice of these structures.

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