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driveway and front yard landscaping

Add a wall to your landscape design

At J&S Landscapes, we know that many home and business owners have difficulty selecting landscape features during the design stage of their outdoor renovation and new construction projects. Before you finish your landscape design plan, consider the following: Walls can help you create bordered entertainment “zones.” You might separate a patio and/or outdoor kitchen and…
rock water feature in denver

A tasty, and healthy, landscape feature

When designing a new landscape, or improving an existing one, there are many exciting features that can be added. Many families opt for a water feature, be it a waterfall or a pond, a fountain or a swimming pool. Others look to include a specific play area for their young ones, perhaps even choosing to…
Landscape design plans

New year, new landscape? Three key points to consider

If you have a garden landscape improvement project in mind for this year, here are three key points to consider as your ideas develop. Think through all the ways you use your landscape and how these can all work in your new design. Are there any problems with noise or privacy issues in the surrounding…
landscape design with low maintenance plants

Should I plant bulbs or seeds?

If you’re putting in a garden, you might be wondering whether you should plant bulbs or seeds. There are important differences between them. For example, bulbs are planted in the fall, but they should be planted before the first frost. However, most flower seeds are planted in the spring. Also, bulbs tend to be planted…