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J&S Landscape Design and Maintenance

Benefits of installing ClifRock Products

If you’re looking to transform your outdoor kitchen, patio, or fire pit, consider installing the ClifRock Panel System. ClifRock provides homeowners with numerous benefits, including: Fast installation: Unlike traditional masonry that can take months to complete, ClifRock products can be installed in a week or less. Strong and durable: ClifRock uses advanced technology to create…
rock water feature in denver

Benefits of water features

Water features are statement pieces in any yard. From fountains and ponds to miniature streams and other aquatic features, they provide a continuous flow of merits. With their therapeutic qualities, water features create a meditative environment that calms the mind and spirit. Their soothing sounds provide a flow of tranquil white noise that covers nearby…
outdoor kitchen with rock surround

Five steps to that outdoor kitchen and fireplace

If you dream of an outdoor kitchen and fireplace to enjoy cool days, here are the five steps towards making it real… Choose the best-possible location; one that actually keeps any smoke away from your home Select the right materials, especially the flooring – for their durability and safety Select the specific appliances you’ll want…
landscape design with low maintenance plants

The joy of perennials

As fall passes through, it can be sad to see plants in your garden simply wither and die away, standing shriveled and sad – the ignominious end to a brief and often glorious life cycle. Of course, it doesn’t have to be that way. Perennials slip back into the ground, winter quietly, and then burst…