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Native landscape ideas for your garden

Native landscapes are gaining popularity in many homes here in Colorado because of the scenic beauty they provide. However, some homeowners object to their use because they assume native landscapes can be messy and unruly. This isn’t true. With the right landscape design, you can effectively use native plants in your yard. Some great native…
local plantings add character

Why consider a water-efficient landscape design?

Decades ago, water-efficient landscape designs were reserved for homeowners in drought-persistent regions. But today, more and more homeowners are adopting them in any climate. Wondering why? Read on. Here are the top three reasons to consider constructing a water-efficient landscaping design in your home: Reduce water wastage: When designed by experts, you can reduce the…
custom designed overhang

The top places to use columns in landscape design

A column refers to any pillar in a landscape and not merely Greek and Roman styles. A landscape might contain those cylindrical pillars sculpted from stone or molded with concrete. It might also have square, rectangular and other geometric pillars made of stone, metal, or wood. Columns can be displayed as standalone art or support…