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About Us

J&S Landscape Serving Boulder, Longmont, Niwot Superior, Lafayette, Broomfield, Louisville, Ft Collins

J&S Landscape doesn’t have a sensational history. It’s actually a simple tale of two go-getter kids, Scott Haugland and Jay Froshing. They knew what they wanted and went after it. Like many kids in the early 70s, Scott was a dedicated viewer of the TV series “The Dukes of Hazard.” The stars of that series would race from scene to scene in a souped-up 1969 Dodge Charger, the favored hot-rod sports car of the day.

Scott really wanted that car. So, Scott did what most of us would do and asked good ol’ dad to buy it for him. And Scott’s dad did what most of our dads would do. He told Scott that if he wanted a car, he had to earn it and asking the neighbors to mow their lawns was a good place to start. Scott took this advice to heart and asked his best friend Jay if he wanted to join him.

With that partnership established, J&S Landscaping was born.

Scott and Jay worked their way through junior high, high school, and college summers mowing lawns and completing small landscape projects for their dedicated customers. The Dodge Charger went by the wayside, but the fun of having their business remained. Together they learned how to get things done.

Scott went off to college where he studied business. After graduation, he tried the office scene but not for long. Office life couldn’t compete with being in the outdoors, and J&S Landscape was soon a full-time business. While Jay found his own path, Scott preserved the company name out of respect for his roots.

Over the next 23 years, J&S Landscape grew into a thriving landscape design and construction firm. Scott’s simple but and effective “We’ll get it done!” approach to every job allowed for learning new skills and honing exceptional talents on each project.

The company now specializes in superior quality landscaping for some of the nicest homes in Boulder, Longmont, Niwot Superior and Lafayette. Scott still maintains the friendly approach and down home communication style that he learned while mowing lawns as a youngster. For him, it’s all about relating to all walks of life and working diligently to earn each client’s trust.

As the company grew, Scott meticulously assembled a full-service team of over 25 masterful and hard-working landscape professionals. While the industry is known for tremendous employee turnover, J&S Landscape has established a long-term and unified staff, which greatly increases their ability to deliver quality and complete every project on time. It also inspires customer satisfaction.

You know J&S Landscape customers are happy when you drive through a residential area and see that 50% to 80% of the homes in a development are using their services. That’s one reason why you won’t see advertisements in all the local fine home magazines. Instead, they rely on the best marketing you can’t buy, highly satisfied customers who share their success stories with friends and in online reviews.

Now that you’ve gotten to know J&S Landscape, please feel free to give us a call about your landscape project. We look forward to partnering with you and exceeding your expectations.

Meet the Team

Scott Haugland

I guess some of us were born to do a particular thing during their life. Others folks have to look around for a time and eventually figure it out. I’m pretty sure I was born to be a landscaper.

Landscapers usually don’t choose this kind of work to make a ton of money or become famous. More often than not, the reason it’s a “chosen” profession is because it’s a way to work outdoors and on a variety of projects each day. Another reason that we like this work is because when we’re done we can see, feel, hear, and smell the tangible results…and then it grows and gets even better!

You know, on a Sunday any member of my team can load the family up and drive by a newly finished landscape or through a neighborhood we’ve been working in and show them what we’ve been doing from Monday through Saturday. It’s why I’ll still check on our jobs some years later. I simply like to see how the choices we made worked out for you.

I started working as an 11-year-old when my dad had the idea that I ask some of my neighbors if I could mow their lawns and make some money. I had my eyes on a special car (that story above). Mowing lawns fit right in with some of the things I liked. It was fun meeting new people and helping them get something done when they didn’t have the time or the inclination to do themselves. I also got to work with my buddy Jay (thus the J&S name) and the jobs we picked up kept me busy in the summer, between ball practice and fall hunting with Dad. I’m not someone who likes sitting around the house.

After a few summers of mowing lawns, I guess I got a bit of a reputation as a trustworthy kid who liked the challenge of getting things done. Mowing expanded to adding some trees, fixing a sprinkler head, adding mulch and much more. Maybe I had no business doing some of those little extra projects, but I’ve always had the attitude of “Sure, I’ll try to do that for you!” Ultimately, it was great training for me to see what worked and didn’t work in landscape design and construction. A lot of good ideas on paper just didn’t work when it went into the ground.

I kept this business going all through high school and even into my college summers. When I finished college with my business management degree, I thought I was set on a new career in business. One year of office life and I really missed being outside in Colorado. I called my Dad and asked him if he would help me buy a Bobcat loader so I could start a real landscape company. He hopped on board and that’s when we really started out on this journey as a landscaping company.

I think that maybe I was born to help people. That’s how I approach it when people call us up and ask us to look at their homes to see how it can become a pretty place to live. One of my beliefs is that most people know what they want if I listen long enough and let them talk through it. I try to guide a bit so they’ll make smart choices, but I don’t try to impose all my ideas. I just try and lead them to good results that they’ll enjoy for many years. Maybe that’s why we’ve been around as long as we have…we focus on giving you what you want.

Of course, nobody succeeds without a lot of good people. I’ve been real lucky with that, too. I started out with some enthusiastic customers who liked what I did at their house and couldn’t stop telling their friends and neighbors about us. That’s been my main advertising “program” for 30 years. People telling other people. It’s a pretty good program, but hard to do.

I’ve also been extremely fortunate to find a great bunch of people to help me do this every day. Again, luck played a role in finding talented, hard-working, and honest people who understand teamwork. If they didn’t care so much about doing a good day’s work and learning new things along the way, we wouldn’t be the landscaping company we are today.

We might be a little different than many of the landscaping companies in the Boulder, Longmont, and even Denver area. We don’t put a lot of signs on our trucks or in our customers’ front yards. We rely on that simple program of “people telling other people”. It’s one reason why, when we start on one house in a neighborhood, we end up doing 50-60% of the other homes in the area.

We also haven’t been known for putting a lot of money into the slick full page ads that you see in local magazines. We believe in the basic principle of treating people right, keeping promises, and delivering great value. It might be old-fashioned, but it’s the type of old fashioned that won’t go out of style.

I sincerely hope that you’ll take a good look at us when you want work done on your landscape.

I think we’re born to it.

Scott Haugland

Owner of J&S Landscape

Mike Woods

Coming from a small Iowa town, Mike had the opportunity to grow up around gardens and farms. Since finishing a horticulture degree, he has continued to work and study gardens and how to skillfully create them for his many landscape projects. Mike has made Colorado his home since 1985 and incorporated gardening ideas and inspiration from our region’s most skilled garden experts.

He takes pride in developing useful and interactive gardens that burst with color and have that special Colorado feeling. His passion is gardening at his home with his wife, chasing his dogs down local trails, and learning more about the countless options he can use for your home’s landscape.

Mike looks forward to helping you discover and understand all that your home can become.

Ryan Spinharney

Landscape Sales and Design, Ryan Spinharney started out in Omaha, NE in his early teens pushing a lawnmower around the neighborhood looking for mowing clients. He quickly was picked up by a local landscaper and began working with residential and commercial installs. In the mid 90’s he was hired on to an interior/exterior landscaping firm and began attending college for Horticulture and landscape design.

In 1997 Ryan took a snowboarding trip to Steamboat Colorado and decided that Colorado would soon become home. In 1999 he moved out to Boulder to pursue music and to start an interior/exterior landscaping company. Specializing in commercial and residential customers, Ryan’s company developed a great list of clients where they designed, installed, and maintained the landscapes.

After 20 years as a small business owner and 10 plus years as a sustainable landscaper/edible gardener, he decided to sell off his business and team up with other ecological landscapers in Boulder county. Ryan also went to school for Permaculture design in Beaverton, OR where low impact agriculture, sustainable ecology, soil restoration, and botany studies were all a part of the curriculum.

Ryan’s other passions are as a musician where he plays locally and regionally as a singer-songwriter. He is also married with five children and enjoys spending time on his half-acre farm with his family and spends much of his time outdoors in the Colorado mountains with an ongoing curiosity that makes him a lifelong learner.

Jesus Del Rio

Jesus is our old pro with irrigation repairs and sprinkler layouts. Since joining the J&S team in 2001, he’s proven himself to be an excellent sprinkler repair technician, as well as a master of installing impressive night lighting and other electrical systems. In his free time, Jesus enjoys taking his wife and 3 kids fishing.

When it comes to landscaping services in Boulder, you simply won’t work with anyone nicer than Jesus. Please feel free to call 303-483-5116 to set up an appointment with him directly.

Manuel Ruiz

Manuel learned the electrical trade in school and has also added his knowledge of pond maintenance to the J&S Landscape roster of services. He’s our master of irrigation repair, pond repair and maintenance, electrical work, as well as plumbing.

Away from work, Manuel takes on home improvement projects at his own house and loves traveling all over the country, exploring each state and enjoying the sights.

You’re welcome to contact Manuel for an appointment at 720-331-7794.

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