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Landscape Services: Landscaping Consultations & Designs

J&S Landscape Serving Boulder, Longmont, Niwot, Superior, Lafayette, Broomfield, Louisville, Ft Collins

Over the last 30 years of providing landscape services for the Boulder, Colorado area, the team at J&S Landscape has learned the secret to making customers happy. Listening.

From the first consultation we have with you until the completion of your project, we’ll respectfully and actively listen to your wants, needs, concerns, must-haves, whatever you have to say. We’ll then provide input and recommendations on how to best achieve the ideas you communicate with us. At no point will we attempt to override your point of view. We’ve seen it happen, and it’s just not our style.

By taking this approach, we know that the end product will meet and even exceed your expectations.

Getting Started with J&S Landscape

Before designing your oasis, we’ll first have a conversation to determine the full scope of your landscape services project, as well as begin shaping a budget and timeline. Along with listening to your ideas, your consultation will include a few questions to ensure we’re all on the same page. We’ll discuss:

  • Have you seen landscapes that you really liked? What spoke to you?
  • Do you entertain often? If so, is it with a few or many guests?
  • Will you need a playground or other area designed for your children?
  • Do you have pets or other animals that require a fence or run?
  • What features of your house and property would you like to enhance?
  • Would you like us to address unwanted views, sounds or privacy issues?
  • Do you have great views that you’d like to highlight or frame?
  • Do you prefer a more natural look or something with simple, clean lines?
  • How about a water feature? Pond, waterfall, fountain, swimming pool?
  • Do you need an area for growing your own fruits and vegetables?
  • How much time would you like to put into maintaining your landscape?

For Best Results, Choose the Experts

For Best Results, Choose the Experts. Whether you live in Boulder, Longmont, Niwot Superior or Lafayette, contact J&S today for your free consultation. Our experts provide unrivaled landscape services by listening to what matters to you.

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