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With the help of J&S Landscape, you can beautify your yard with a truly unique feature, custom crevice gardens. What are these marvels? Well, if you’ve ever had a weed growing out of a crack in your patio or driveway, you’ve seen a crevice environment. Only when our team provides your landscape services, the resulting crevice garden will be a stunning fusion of sculptural rock with alpine and even rare plants.

With crevice gardens come a number of advantages that allow you to:

  • Grow and enjoy plants that don’t thrive in other types of environments
  • Plant vertically between rock edifices to expand garden square footage
  • Cultivate both shade and sun-loving plant types using rock arrangement
  • Direct water flow down through rocks and roots for easy maintenance
rock garden J&S Landscape Boulder

Building Functional & Beautiful Crevice Gardens

While maintenance is easy, designing and building crevice gardens is actually quite complex. You’ll need to protect plants from trees that compete for water and litter the garden with leaves. A natural-looking yet functional rock formation is another important component to properly plan.

Other design considerations for crevice gardens include:

  • Use the right base material to prevent weather damage
  • Make sure you properly optimize humidity and drainage
  • Lock rocks into a structural formation for added support
  • Carefully place and bury rocks to create planting pockets
  • Build in microclimates to support a variety of plant types
  • For larger gardens, add stepping stones or access points
  • Use proper bare-root planting methods to prevent shock

Lucky for you, J&S Landscape is well versed in crevice gardens, and our landscape services team has even helped the Denver Botanic Gardens with their build.

See below for a sampling of some of our work

Go Vertical with Crevice Gardens from J&S Landscape

Create a unique look for your front or backyard with crevice gardens by contacting J&S Landscape today for a free consultation. We offer complete landscape services to the Boulder, Longmont, Niwot Superior and Lafayette areas, including fresh concepts that will help your home stand out.

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