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Landscape Services: Perennials & Native Landscapes

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Create a stunning landscape that provides your Boulder home with lasting beauty and year after year. Perennial plantings by J&S Landscape give you an exciting variety of shapes, colors and textures. Our experts will help you choose from hundreds of perennial options, including native Colorado plants.

What are Perennial Plantings Anyway?

Perrenial is the general term attributed to ornamental plants that last two or more years. While other plants display a barren, skeleton-like frame of branches and stems during the winter, perennials die to the ground each year and re-emerge come Spring. While some perennials complete this cycle for a number of seasons, some will completely die off every few years and need to be replaced.

What Do Perennial Plantings Look Like?

J&S Landscape can incorporate any number of gorgeous perennial plants into your landscape, as well as develop a design to maximize your bloom rotation. We also follow a number of other best practices to ensure the successful planting and performance of your plants, including:

  • Choose the ideal location(s) for perennial plantings prior to the design phase
  • Carefully plan according to sun, wind, soil type, irrigation and other key factors
  • Design perennial beds that are accessible and easy to maintain when blooming
  • Choose plants that fit your style and the maintenance time you wish to spend
  • Build out your perennial plantings, ensuring proper soil aeration and drainage

Native Landscapes

Living in the front range of Colorado, we’re surrounded by the true majesty of nature. It’s no wonder that our clients want native and alpine landscapes designed for their yards. If you’d like, J&S Landscape can add locally grown grasses and plants to accent your lawn or deck. For something more grandiose, we can recreate the mountainous, rugged terrain of Colorado, replete with cascading water features and ponds.

So why go with native and alpine landscapes? First and foremost, they’re beautiful. As you might know, our native plants come in a wide range of genres – shrubs, trees, flowers, ground cover and even hardy grasses. This variety gives you countless ways to adorn your property and home.

Along with being jaw-droppingly gorgeous, native and alpine landscapes come with a number of more practical benefits, including the ability to grow and thrive at our higher altitudes. More reasons:

  • Distinctiveness – Stand out from your neighbors so much more than a rectangle of grass and a standard wood deck. Bring in boulders and a water feature, along with columbine flowers and mountain roses.
  • Synergy – With the right mix of plants and landscape features, you can attract local wildlife to create a mutually beneficial, natural relationship. Ask us how to invite butterflies to your yard for added beauty.
  • Conservation – Whether we have dry conditions or extra moisture from a rainy (or snowy) spring, native plants have seen it all. And many can survive on little to no extra water. We’ll present all your options.
  • Legacy – Celebrate Colorado with native and alpine landscapes that preserve the heritage of our land. If you love taking hikes, you can bring all of those amazing views into your own yard.

See below for a sampling of some of our work

Enjoy Years of Blooms with Perennials from J&S Landscape

For beautiful perennial plantings in Boulder, Longmont, Niwot Superior or Lafayette, contact J&S today for your free consultation. We’ll advise you on where best to plant, what to plant and how to properly maintain your garden for year after year of stunning blooms.

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