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Outdoor kitchens to fire pits, ClifRock Panel Systems make creating a stone look in your backyard faster, easier and more cost-effective. And as a ClifRock® Certified Pro Installer, our J&S Landscape crew has completed extensive training on both product uses and building methodology. This official certification process makes us uniquely qualified to guide you through ClifRock projects of all types, start to finish.

If your landscape services project includes an opportunity to use ClifRock, we’ll first design your outdoor kitchen, fire pit or water feature to determine your product needs. Then, instead of bringing in masons to complete a multi-day or week project, our crew can complete an install in about 1 day. Here’s how:

  1. Proprietary StoneRock® is mixed, cast and set.
  2. In less than 2 hours, panels will be demolded.
  3. Panels are properly installed and secured in place.
  4. Joints are mechanically and chemically bonded.
  5. The finished look is created with paint and sealer.

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Why J&S Landscape Recommends ClifRock to Customers

Built Solid, Less Weight

ClifRock Panel Systems greatly reduce the time, manpower and budget needed to complete a project. At around 1/10 the weight of authentic stone, there’s no need to add footings. This allows us to build on existing patios and pool decks without retrofitting. As for installation, ClifRock panels are strong and self-supporting. Bonded seams create a solid structure, no steel substrate or structural support needed.

Colorado Weather Ready

Wild Colorado weather and freeze/thaw cycles can cause building materials and structures to expand and contract, which can destroy their integrity. ClifRock has gone through extensive testing, including temperature and moisture extremes with over 3,000 freeze-thaw cycles. The result? Zero failures.

You can also rest assured that the structure and stone details won’t degrade or fade due to exposure to direct sunlight. Moisture? ClifRock Panel Systems are virtually unaffected by rain and snow, giving you maximum resistance to both water penetration and absorption.

Outdoor Kitchens and Misc.

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Water Features

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What Can J&S Landscape Build for You?

For the look of real stone at a fraction of the price, complexity and installation time, contact J&S today for your free consultation. We offer comprehensive landscape services to the Boulder, Longmont, Niwot Superior and Lafayette areas, including certified expertise in ClifRock Panel Systems.

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