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Landscaping flowers

Planting perennials in your landscape

Perennials are common garden plants as they are easy to care for, dependable and come in a variety of textures and colors. If you are looking for a landscape design that doesn’t have exposed stems and branches, perennials are the right option. They don’t have to be replanted each spring as they die to the…
Landscaping front yard Denver CO

Why it’s important to maintain your landscaped garden

Whether you’ve designed your garden to be an idyllic, relaxing oasis or the perfect entertainment space for holding loud and lavish parties, you’ve gone to a lot of effort to get it just right and you want to enjoy it. That’s why regularly maintaining your landscaped garden is essential; it keeps everything looking pristine and…
Swimming pool landscaping J&S Landscape Denver CO

How landscaping around your pool can create a paradise

Spending your summer months floating in your pool can already instill feelings of happiness. The area around your pool should also cause the same joy, but if your pool area has you feeling overwhelmed, you should call in a landscaping company to transform your pool area. A good landscape design can turn your pool area…