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Landscaping flowers

Colorful plant ideas to brighten your landscape

Landscape design doesn’t have to be boring. Add some color to your yard with these plants: Viola – This flower comes in a range of colors and is frost-tolerant. It is easy to care for and easy to find. Lavender – Include beautiful fragrances in your landscape design! Lavender is both colorful and fragrant. Sunflower…
local plantings add character

What exactly is a native landscape garden?

This is a question that members of our landscape design team are often asked. The idea is to bring a part of Colorado’s stunning landscape, so majestic when viewed at a distance, right onto your own property. This can range from the carefully planned planting of trees, shrubs, grasses or plants right through to stunning…
Landscaping front yard Denver CO

4 questions to ask during your landscaping consultation

If you’re new to landscape construction, you probably have a few concerns and worries that require reassurance. Here are four questions to ask during your landscaping consultation to give you an insight into the entire process. Can you customize my landscape? How often do I need to maintain my landscape? How long will the landscape…
Faux stump fire pit

How you can add natural stone to your property

With the glorious mountain views that are so prevalent in Colorado, many people like the idea of bringing the power of natural stone into their personal landscape. ]You might like the idea of stylish stairways to connect different elevation levels. Retaining walls of natural stone suggest both security and permanence. It’s a material that can…