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driveway and front yard landscaping

How landscape design can improve your property & save you money

Landscapes can be a wonderful cosmetic addition to any property. Hiring a company like J & S Landscapes to install a custom, luxury landscape can do so much more than boost your property’s curb appeal. Landscapes that feature adequate vegetation can actually save you money. Landscapes can help save you money in the summertime by…
Long lasting outdoor composite deck

A brief history of backyards

When we think of backyards, we usually conjure images of barbecue parties and calm conversations while admiring the sunset. Before the 20th century, however, backyards weren’t places of leisure, but of tough labor. For households in the 1800’s, backyards served as small farming areas where crops and other vegetables could be grown to offset expenses.…
large water falls and stream with putting green and landscaping

Budget-friendly landscaping ideas

Opting for cheaper landscaping alternatives doesn’t mean you have to settle for shabby looking landscape design. You can spend less on landscaping and still obtain an attractive yard. Here are various ideas you can make use of when aiming to save cash. Reuse and recycle items present in your garden Make use of natural lighting…
Landscaping front yard Denver CO

Types of landscape designs

Landscaping can be done in different configurations depending on the topography of your land. Before settling on landscape design, it is essential to go through each option to select one that best fits your lifestyle. During landscaping, you can work on a design as it is and avoid additions or customize a specific design to…