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Landscaping plants J&S Landscape

Things to expect from a landscape designer

Are you planning to transform your home through landscape design? If yes, then below are things to expect from a landscape designer. Thorough site analysis A good landscape designer should first survey your property to get a better understanding of your compound and what you want to accomplish. Landscape design The designer should then discuss…
modern water feature is easy maintenance

3 reasons to consider a water feature

If you are considering a landscaping project in your yard, give serious weight to the idea of adding a water feature. Here are three reasons to include one in your design plans. The quiet, steady sounds of nature are relaxing. A soothing water feature can quickly become a favorite spot to unwind after a long…
kitchen and pool J&S Landscape Boulder

Use your garden 3 seasons a year

  Have you ever spent a summer day enjoying your garden and wished that you could extend the amount of time that you could use it? With the right design and accouterments such as an outdoor fireplace or fire pit, your dreams could easily become a reality! Landscape design means so much more than lawn…
flagstone patio and fireplace J&S Landscape Boulder

Why you need an outdoor fireplace

An outdoor fireplace extends the livability of your yard during the cold season. It allows you to enjoy a clear night with your loved ones and have friends over for parties. Outdoor fireplaces also create warm atmospheres suitable for entertaining guests. A professionally installed fireplace reduces the likelihood of fire hazards and keeps your family…