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outdoor kitchen with rock surround

Importance of outdoor kitchen lighting

Have you thought of adding an outdoor kitchen to your yard? If so, you’ve probably considered several factors, such as the layout, location, and building materials. However, you should also consider installing quality, outdoor kitchen lighting. Outdoor kitchen lighting has numerous benefits, and these include: Highlights your backyard and its features Illuminates workspaces for food…
Easy to maintain crevice garden

Whimsical additions for gardens & yards

Looking for something fun and whimsical to add to your landscaping or yard? There are many creative features to consider, from large to tiny. Here are some ideas: – Terraced Flowerbeds: For vibrant color in appealing layers! – Log Borders: Vertical logs offer a unique look along flowerbeds. – Rock Patches: Low-lying bloomers look lovely…
custom designed overhang

Three simple structures which could add so much to your garden

It’s that time of year when we’re all eager to spend increasing time outdoors. As such, you might be thinking of adding a new feature to your current landscape. Here are three terrific possibilities… An arbor – great as a welcoming arch or to add to a quiet corner A gazebo – offering enclosed protection…
Backyard garden retreat

Landscape design ideas for a posh yard

Would you like to add some elegance and style to your yard? There are several landscape design ideas you can use to create a functional and yet luxurious space in your yard. These include: Adding an outdoor kitchen – this is a great way to entertain family and friends while enjoying the beautiful serenity of…
Easy to maintain crevice garden

Where to build a crevice garden

Crevice gardens are a great landscape design technique for rocky soil and dry climates. Thin rock layers filled in with sand and gravel provide drainage and space for flowers that don’t need a lot of water. For plants that do, we guide the root system deeper into the gravel where it can access pooled water…
Landscaping plants J&S Landscape

Native landscape ideas for your garden

Native landscapes are gaining popularity in many homes here in Colorado because of the scenic beauty they provide. However, some homeowners object to their use because they assume native landscapes can be messy and unruly. This isn’t true. With the right landscape design, you can effectively use native plants in your yard. Some great native…
local plantings add character

Why consider a water-efficient landscape design?

Decades ago, water-efficient landscape designs were reserved for homeowners in drought-persistent regions. But today, more and more homeowners are adopting them in any climate. Wondering why? Read on. Here are the top three reasons to consider constructing a water-efficient landscaping design in your home: Reduce water wastage: When designed by experts, you can reduce the…
custom designed overhang

The top places to use columns in landscape design

A column refers to any pillar in a landscape and not merely Greek and Roman styles. A landscape might contain those cylindrical pillars sculpted from stone or molded with concrete. It might also have square, rectangular and other geometric pillars made of stone, metal, or wood. Columns can be displayed as standalone art or support…
rock water feature in denver

Why you shouldn’t DIY your water feature

Adding water features to your landscape design is a great way to improve your garden’s curb appeal. Additionally, water features such as ponds and fountains create a peaceful and soothing environment to relax in after a long day. However, many homeowners tend to DIY their water features to save money. Unfortunately, this isn’t a great…
fountain and water features by J&S Landscape

Get your backyard ready for spring!

With spring fast approaching it’s time to get your backyard and garden ready if you haven’t already. Here are a few ideas to get you started: Take inventory on your outdoor furniture and determine what needs to be replaced and what can be repaired. Figure out your yard’s sub-climate and plant perennials. Wrap a tree…