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Outdoor fireplace and pergola

Tips for updating your landscape for socially distant gatherings

With the pandemic proceeding through a third wave, many people are trying to determine how best to interact with loved ones during the upcoming holidays.  If you absolutely can’t pause social gatherings for the rest of the year, pick one or more of the following outdoor landscape design options to improve everyone’s safety: Set up…
Landscaping curb appeal

Which of these garden tasks do you not enjoy?

We know some folk like to undertake every piece of work in their garden themselves. Others really want to be able to enjoy their outdoor area without spending most of their time looking after it. If that’s you, which of these tasks do you really wish you didn’t have to do… Repeatedly dealing with weeds…
J&S Landscape Design and Maintenance

What exactly is the ClifRock Panel System?

The ClifRock Panel System uses advanced technology to create stone products that feel just like natural stone. However, they’re lighter, versatile, and durable. ClifRock products allow homeowners to enjoy luxurious and sophisticated looks for the outdoor kitchen, fire pits, and patios, with far less installation and maintenance. Additionally, ClifRock products are more affordable compared to…
outdoor patios and decks

You can never go wrong with these two yard designs

Owning a backyard is a great opportunity to customize your space to fit your needs. Whether you want to install an outdoor kitchen or build a patio, you’re in control of what you want in your yard. However, before beginning any construction services, it’s wise to develop a design for your landscape. Here are two…
large water falls and stream with putting green and landscaping

Five features that might affect your landscape design

Whether crafting a landscape design for a new property, one that’s new to you, or to upgrade the current layout, there are many areas to consider. Each project is unique, but here are five points that often bear key consideration… The current level of privacy – and what you’d like it to be The amount…
landscaping and pool design and installation

Why hire a professional to design your outdoor pool?

Are you thinking of adding a swimming pool to your yard? If so, you’ve probably thought about its budget and location. However, have you considered your pool’s design? A lot can go wrong with a pool project, from improper measurements to wrong visual leveling, which impact your entire pool. Luckily, you can avoid such costly…
J&S Landscape Design and Maintenance

Quality fencing is more than just a barrier

Of course, when you hear mention of fencing, then you rightly think of its part in the protection of your property. As we move into fall, and then the harshness of winter, it’s worth an inspection to see if your current perimeter fence is still up to the job. However, fencing can also add much…
Long lasting outdoor composite deck

Creative ways to transform your backyard

Giving your backyard a makeover is a huge investment that requires thorough planning and designing. Rushing to complete any task can result in costly mistakes and affect your home’s value. To ensure you get it right, here are five creative ways you can transform your backyard. Add an outdoor kitchen space with an island Install…
Landscaping plants J&S Landscape

Is your yard ready for the changing seasons?

It can be strange to think of this weird year in terms of the seasons! But time still passes and summer is shuffling reluctantly towards fall. Is your yard ready for this and then for a Coloradan winter? Seasonal maintenance allows your landscape to look its best right throughout the year; whether you are out…
installing large boulders

Is a retaining wall necessary?

Although you might think those gorgeous landscaping walls you see are just for looks, sometimes they are necessary. If your property has a high-grade slope, the earth has a strong possibility of eroding. With erosion, you can have major issues such as foundation damage, driveway destruction, or even minor landslides. If you have a questionable…