Why Hire a Landscape Designer?

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Front yard water features add curb appeal

Why Hire a Landscape Designer?

There are a number of reasons why you should bring in a professional landscape designer for your yard. It doesn’t matter if you’re building the home and landscaping it for the first time or if you’re revamping the exterior to add to the property’s appeal—a landscape designer brings a talented, trained eye to the project. Here are some specific reasons why you should hire a landscape designer for your next project.

They Come in with a Plan

If you’re doing your own landscaping, you may only have a few ideas. You might have a vague plan, but you may not have accounted for every space or visually planned out how everything will look at a whole. Landscape designers will have thought all of this through. They look at landscaping as a whole but also look at how the individual parts work together and complement each other. They will work with you to bring your preferred style, colors, textures, and materials into the space.

You Won’t Stress as Much

If you have a professional landscaper on your project, you don’t have to do nearly as much work or stress over all the decisions. Instead, you’ll work with your landscape designer on the overall design, giving your input as to what types of flowers, textures, and other features you want. The designer then handles all of the details. They source the materials, find the right flowers and other plants, and coordinate any contractors that will be involved. This saves you a large amount of time and stress. It can also save you money since the designer will likely have good working relationships with the contractors and vendors they use. They can typically get better prices than what you would be quoted.

They Can Give You Low-Maintenance Yards

Some people are under the impression that landscape designers create these over-the-top yards and gardens that require hours of upkeep every week. That’s not the case at all. Your landscape designer is an expert in understanding the local flora, and they know how to create yards that grow very well in the climate without requiring a lot of attention. You can even ask that they focus on native plants that don’t need much water, fertilizer, or other types of care. Designers know how to arrange plants so that local insects like butterflies and bumble bees can flourish, too.

You Don’t Have to Have a Traditional Garden

Want something a little different? A landscape designer can create it for you. Whether you want a Zen rock garden or a rain garden, these experts can design a space that fits all of your dreams. Rain gardens are especially easy to take care of. They filter the rainwater off the sidewalks and gutters, cycling it back into the soil.

Designers Can Work with Any Space

Don’t have a huge yard? That’s not a problem for an experienced landscape designer. They can work with any size yard, and they know many tricks to turn even the smallest space into a lush outdoor oasis. They can incorporate sheds, swimming pools, patios, and other outdoor features, creating a design that looks like it was always planned around these structures.

They Know the Regulations

As with any major renovation project, there are regulations and codes involved with transforming your backyard. You may not be familiar with all of these codes. Unfortunately, if you’re found in violation of any of your local city ordinances, you may face a hefty fine. You may also have to rip out some or even all of the new landscaping you just put in. Even if that doesn’t happen, if you try to sell your property later, you may be forced to bring it up to code before you can do so.

A landscape designer understands these regulations and will ensure that your project meets them. They will research local codes if they’re not familiar with them, so you don’t have to. They also know what offices to contact and what forms you need to submit to the city office for certain projects. This greatly cuts down on the time you have to put into your backyard renovation.

Good Landscaping Can Save You Money

Your landscape designer may be able to get good deals on the materials and plants for your yard, plus they can save you money in other ways. For example, they can find plants that thrive with little water so you don’t need to water them often. They can also determine where to place trees and shrubs to help shade your home during the hottest part of the day. This will help reduce your utility costs by keeping your home cool.

Want some help designing your yard? J&S Landscape is here to assist you in any way possible. Contact us today to discuss your project.

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