Reasons to Add Native Plants to a Landscape 

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Reasons to Add Native Plants to a Landscape 

Add Native Plants to a Landscape J&S Landscape BoulderToday, J&S Landscape serving the Boulder and Longmont areas, shares a few reasons to add native plants to a landscape. These types of plants can help restore bird and animal habitats, encourage pollinator activity, keep chemicals out, support water conservation and improve overall soil conditions. In fact, they’re vital to the biodiversity of our local area which is why we offer expertise in this area. Let’s take a closer look.

Help Restore Local Habitat

Over the last century, millions of acres of natural habitat have been turned into farmland and urban sprawl. Unfortunately, the trend isn’t slowing, especially here in Denver and Boulder. And in areas where land hasn’t been taken over by homes or other new structures, non-native grasses and plants are often installed purely for aesthetic reasons. While it looks great, it doesn’t do much to support local wildlife, including birds and pollinators. Choosing native landscapes can not only transform your yard but help restore lost natural habitat.

Help Insects and Pollinators

Smaller pollinators and insects play a huge role in the cycle of all life, including our own. Native plants encourage and support not only insects and pollinators but all wildlife, as well as our own well-being. Insects and pollinators are especially important to growing plants and food. By choosing plants that are native to our area, you are encouraging growth and support of all creatures.

If you’re interested in even more reasons to add native plants to a landscape, contact us at J&S Landscape, serving the Boulder and Longmont areas. We can help you choose native plants that will make your landscape look great and support our local eco-system at the same time.

Help Keep Chemicals Out

Another key reason to go native is that “foreign” plants and grasses often require profuse amounts of artificial fertilizers, chemical pesticides and herbicides to support their growth. The chemicals and fertilizers can then make their way into our water and food and can often be detrimental to insects and animals. Native landscapes do not generally require such extreme types of maintenance because they’re designed to survive in our local habitat and climate. Additionally, native plants can offer surprising beauty and color with the change of seasons.

Help Water Conservation

Native plants require fewer resources in general which can be a huge benefit for your water conservation efforts. Native plants also typically use less water and don’t need to be mowed down like non-native grasses. Additionally, they are often more effective at storing instead of releasing carbon dioxide, one of our largest greenhouse gas contributors.

Help Improve Soil Conditions

In a number of instances, using native plants can improve soil conditions. Often, they are able to withstand challenging weather conditions and can help stabilize soil. This is excellent news if you suspect that you may need soil amendments to help your landscape efforts.

If all these reasons to add native plants to a landscape have convinced you, contact us here at J&S Landscape serving the Boulder and Longmont areas. We can help you choose native plants that will provide you with a stunning landscape that also supports the local eco-system. Give us a call to learn more and get started on creating your dream yard.

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