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raised flower bed J&S Landscape Boulder

Top reasons to add walls to your landscape design plan

At J&S Landscapes, we know that many home and business owners have difficulty selecting landscape features during the design stage of their outdoor renovation and new construction projects. Before you finish your landscape design plan, consider the following: Walls can help you create bordered entertainment “zones.” You might separate a patio and/or outdoor kitchen and…
custom outdoor kitchen installation

Three reasons to build an outdoor kitchen

An outdoor kitchen is a unique addition to any landscaping design. Below are three reasons to consider building one: Add value Rather than remodeling your kitchen, consider building one outdoors. It can be more cost-effective and may raise the overall value of your home. Easy entertaining Throw a summertime dinner party without the hassle of…
landscape design with low maintenance plants

How to use color theory for landscape design

Landscaping color theory is the mix of colors and visual effects in your yard to create a relaxing ambiance and make small areas appear large. When designing your landscape, colors shouldn’t be chosen in isolation since they interplay with one another to create transitions and compliment your home. In landscape design, the color spectrum is…
red rocks around a stream

Rocking into a bright new year!

Now is a great time to think about changes to your garden for the year ahead. If you haven’t yet considered the joys of a crevice garden on your property, then how about making that your new year project? You might start by creating a stunning structural rock formation – in itself a real standout…
pond in the winter

Should you water your lawn in winter?

Water helps to keep your landscape healthy and alive but knowing the right amount of moisture and time is key to keeping your lawn green and lush. Thus, watering your lawn in winter is necessary as roots need it to stay hydrated during cold months. Your grass may appear lush and green, but your roots…
water feature and landscaping

Landscaping tips to increase the value of your property

Landscaping is a significant way of increasing the real estate value of your home. Well-designed landscapes can increase property value by up to 10%. Below are some useful tips to increase the value of your home through landscaping. Ensure the landscape design matches the general design of your house. Strategically design each part of your…
Easy to maintain crevice garden

Common landscaping myths

Landscaping has several benefits to a house owner and the environment, such as improving aesthetics and quality of life. Unfortunately, many homeowners don’t know how to separate myth from facts when it comes to landscaping. Below are some common landscaping myths to be aware of: Professional landscaping services are only for commercial properties. While businesses…
water feature and landscaping

Landscape maintenance tips

Maintaining your landscape is vital to preserve its look and keep it from deteriorating. Many homeowners forget to maintain their landscapes because of their busy lives, resulting in a shoddy looking yard that isn’t appealing to look at. To maintain your yard, ensure all weeds are treated with herbicide or removed by hand. Weed removal…
driveway and front yard landscaping

How landscape design can improve your property & save you money

Landscapes can be a wonderful cosmetic addition to any property. Hiring a company like J & S Landscapes to install a custom, luxury landscape can do so much more than boost your property’s curb appeal. Landscapes that feature adequate vegetation can actually save you money. Landscapes can help save you money in the summertime by…
Long lasting outdoor composite deck

A brief history of backyards

When we think of backyards, we usually conjure images of barbecue parties and calm conversations while admiring the sunset. Before the 20th century, however, backyards weren’t places of leisure, but of tough labor. For households in the 1800’s, backyards served as small farming areas where crops and other vegetables could be grown to offset expenses.…