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The Perfect Additions to Your Landscape

When you buy a house, the first thing you see is the front landscape. For many people this is the moment that makes or breaks a property purchase. Meanwhile, there are people who are done with and over their current landscaping. This can be because they are too old to continue maintenance, other times it could be from unforeseen damages happening. Regardless of why you want to redo your landscape, be it a sell, a new purchase, a move to low maintenance, or whatever other reason—we’ve got you covered. Many times, people don’t realize that the sky is the limit when it comes to landscape, so we’ve put together a list of perfect additions to any landscape. These features work fantastic together but create a whole new whimsy to your yards all by themselves too.

Add a Patio or a Deck

If your home is on an uneven property, you should consider having a patio or a deck put in. What makes this the perfect addition? Our master woodworkers and construction people can build whatever you have in mind. Gone are the days that a deck meant plain wood and an ugly square top view. These days, we can build with curves and around features that are important to keep. You can choose from many materials and stains, even the wood can be altered for full customization. We can also build it away from the house—that stargazing hill that you liked as a kid, can now have a deck placed on top of it. Keeping your family safe at night, while giving access to the stars. Your options and design choices are only limited by your plans.

Add a Kitchen or a Fireplace

Chances are, you’ve seen an outdoor fireplace and immediately wanted it. But have you seen an outdoor kitchen? Both the kitchen and the fireplace are peak desires for many people because they afford both utility and high-class design. They are perfect for every home, and especially those which have a kitchen that sits on an outside-facing wall (easier for plumbing). These are some of the most luxurious and awesome things to see and experience at your friend’s house—why not get yourself something special too?

Add a Pool or a Spa

Pools and spas or Jacuzzis are some of the best choices to add to your yard. They can be built for a variety of special reasons; if you are a fitness junkie, get a fitness pool; if you’re a party person, get a pool with shallower waters but more lights; or if you’re a parent of children, install a little wading pool on the side. The customizable options are huge with pools, from their shapes to their colors and style. They are the perfect way to add fun and amenity to your home.

Add Fences or Walls

Walls and fences add a huge amount of aesthetic and design to your landscaping. Not only do privacy fences give you an enclosed, personal yard, but adding more fences inside of the yard can help to break up your land in a way that is completely unique to you and your home. The same goes for walls and paved areas. Retaining walls can help to herd friends and family towards a vocal point of the yard, while putting in a fence will keep people and animals away from the bigger, more expensive toys you may own. Many gardeners will enclose their gardens as a deterrent to pests.

Add a Crevice or a Zen Garden

Crevice gardens are a great way to add color and personality to other wise plain rocks. We can install flowers into unlikely places and give your landscape more depth and dimension. At the same time, we can also create an area for a Zen Garden if you are interested in that. Zen gardens are usually filled with moveable sands and are a key stone in meditation practices for mindfulness.

Call on J&S Landscape for Consultation, Design, and Maintenance

After serving Boulder, Colorado for 30 years we know that you want contractors that listen. That’s why we work closely with you, leaning on clear and constant communication to get you the best service in the industry. By using constant communication, we know that we’ll exceed your expectations, and give you a long-lasting yard that you can enjoy for decades. For more about us and how we make landscape dreams come true, visit our expert blogs—it’s full of tips and helpful information for everyone.

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