Timetable for Installing a Pool in Your Backyard

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Timetable for Installing a Pool in Your Backyard

Installing a Pool in Your Backyard J&S Landscape BoulderHow long does it take to build a pool? Here at J&S Landscape in Boulder, we know that the summer heat can get you thinking about installing a pool in your backyard. So, let’s look at what goes into this project.

The following are basic timetable guidelines for building a pool. Actual installation time can vary greatly based on the design of your pool and any extras you wish to add.

The first step is to talk to our J&S professionals for a better idea of the time needed for your pool size and design. We can provide a more accurate look at the budget and schedule required.

Design and Permitting

Estimating time for this stage of installing a pool in your backyard can be very difficult. For a standard pool, the design process often doesn’t take very long, though the more complicated your project, the longer the design process will be.

The longer portion of this process is often the permitting. The turnaround time for a permit can depend on how busy or understaffed that office might be – it’s a real wild card. However, summer is a prime time to get projects done. For design and permitting, we estimate a range of 1 to 8 weeks.


After the design and permitting, excavation can be scheduled to begin work on installing a pool in your backyard. Excavation can be as quick as a day or two but can take up to a week or more. Things that can affect the timing include ease of access, the location of utilities, and other variables. When it comes to how long does it take to build a pool, this is a bit of a wildcard.

Electrical, Steel, and Plumbing

After the excavation takes place, steel is laid, electrical and plumbing are routed, and final checks are done for the final stages of constructing your pool. Part of this process includes making sure any additional water features are prepped, lighting is properly prepared, and any additional features are ready—spa addition anyone? Depending on the size and complexity of your pool project, this whole process can often be completed in 2 weeks.

Plastering, Fiberglass, Gunite, and Vinyl

Depending on the type of pool you’re installing a pool in your backyard, this portion of the installation can take 1 to 3 weeks on average. Vinyl and fiberglass are faster to install while plaster and gunite will take longer. Any tile or additional pool decoration features may also add time.

Deck, Custom Features, and Landscaping

These final stages allow for lighting to be completed, final custom touches to be added, and landscaping work. Any other additions like decking, waterfalls, and water features should be completed during this stage as well. This phase usually goes quickly, especially if your pool builder also specializes in landscape design – like the team at J&S!

To learn more about installing a pool in your backyard, contact us at J&S Landscape. We can build your pool and help you with all the additional elements your desire to make your pool space perfect.

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