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outdoor firepit and seating area

Planning your landscaping

It’s spring and now is the right time to plan your landscape with J&S Landscape in Longmont. Bring us your ideas and photos of how you would like your outdoors to look, and we can work with you to develop a landscaping design that will fit your needs and budget. Are there landscape designs that…
driveway and front yard landscaping

A couple of landscaping tips

Landscaping is a significant way of increasing the real estate value of your home. Well-designed landscapes can increase property value by up to 10%. Below are some useful tips to increase the value of your home through landscaping. Ensure the landscape design matches the general design of your house. Strategically design each part of your…
water feature and landscaping

Keeping your landscaping well maintained

Maintaining your landscape is vital to preserve its look and keep it from deteriorating. Many homeowners forget to maintain their landscapes because of their busy lives, resulting in a shoddy looking yard that isn’t appealing to look at. To maintain your yard, ensure all weeds are treated with herbicide or removed by hand. Weed removal…
local plantings add character

Low maintenance landscaping

Landscaping your yard is a great way to add beauty while increasing the value of your home. However, most landscape designs require regular care and maintenance to increase their longevity, which can be strenuous. Luckily, there are ways you can make your landscape low-maintenance. These include: Plant drought-tolerant plants to reduce watering chores. Mulch heavily…
Backyard garden retreat

Landscape designs to consider

Landscaping can be done in different configurations depending on the topography of your land. Before settling on landscape design, it is essential to go through each option to select one that best fits your lifestyle. During landscaping, you can work on a design as it is and avoid additions or customize a specific design to…
Landscaping curb appeal

Landscaping on a budget

Opting for cheaper landscaping alternatives doesn’t mean you have to settle for shabby looking landscape design. You can spend less on landscaping and still obtain an attractive yard. Here are various ideas you can make use of when aiming to save cash. Reuse and recycle items present in your garden Make use of natural lighting…
Landscape design plans

Using color in your landscape design

Landscaping color theory is the mix of colors and visual effects in your yard to create a relaxing ambiance and make small areas appear large. When designing your landscape, colors shouldn’t be chosen in isolation since they interplay with one another to create transitions and compliment your home. In landscape design, the color spectrum is…
Easy to maintain crevice garden

Landscaping project using rocks

Now is a great time to think about changes to your garden for the year ahead. If you haven’t yet considered the joys of a crevice garden on your property, then how about making that your new year project? You might start by creating a stunning structural rock formation – in itself a real standout…
driveway and front yard landscaping

Add a wall to your landscape design

At J&S Landscapes, we know that many home and business owners have difficulty selecting landscape features during the design stage of their outdoor renovation and new construction projects. Before you finish your landscape design plan, consider the following: Walls can help you create bordered entertainment “zones.” You might separate a patio and/or outdoor kitchen and…
rock water feature in denver

A tasty, and healthy, landscape feature

When designing a new landscape, or improving an existing one, there are many exciting features that can be added. Many families opt for a water feature, be it a waterfall or a pond, a fountain or a swimming pool. Others look to include a specific play area for their young ones, perhaps even choosing to…