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Your landscape needs work in the winter too

Just because it’s winter that does not mean you can take time off from landscape upkeep. Keeping up on maintenance goes beyond those annoying leaves. Plus, taking care of your yard this winter can save you money and ensure that your landscape continues to look great when spring and summer roll around again.

The Point of Winter Landscape Upkeep

Buying a home is a major investment, so it’s important to keep your property protected and well-maintained as a means of keeping your investment safe. One way to help with this is to hire a fall and winter landscape professional. With heavy winds and snow, leaves, branches, and trees are prone to falling. A good landscape crew can keep an eye on potential trouble.

Additionally, they will take away all the leaves and debris that can accumulate. This will help your property look great and save you hours of work. Removing branches and leaves now can save your gutters, roof, and plumbing from additional maintenance and repair trouble.

Some people don’t realize that leaves in your gutter can allow water to back up and seep into your home. This can cause thousands of dollars in damage. Getting your leaves and debris cleared away before it can cause a problem is a big reason for winter landscape upkeep.

Once The Leaves Are Down, Get Pruning

After you’ve raked up your millionth leaf, be sure to look up and hire a landscape maintenance professional to check out the health and structure of your trees. With no leaves to obstruct the view, pruning can be much simpler and easier access to tree limbs may save you money.

Tree pruning is also a great way to keep your trees growing properly. Over time, you can control the shape of the tree, helping it to grow in better directions. Also, pruning helps to avoid downed branches, low hanging branches (depending on the type of tree), as well as dead branches. You certainly don’t want to wait for heavy, wet snow to drop dead branches on your car or home.

Consider Hiring Out for Snow Removal

Some landscape professionals will take care of snow and ice which can be a huge help when the snow arrives and leaves everything covered in blankets of white. Why not let someone else take care of the work and save you the trouble and hassle? Life is easier when your driveway and stairs have been taken care of for you.

Additionally, your landscaping professional may salt the walk and drive to help keep them ice-free. It is great to not have to worry about slipping and falling on your walk to your car. Your landscape professional may also have recommendations on what sort of salt or deicer would be best taking your landscaping into consideration.

Don’t Forget to Winterize Your Yard

If you haven’t already, remember to take care of your irrigation systems, water features, ponds, or other water features. Winter preparation is important because your irrigation pipes can freeze and burst when temps drop. Winterization protects your pipes by ensuring the water has been drained. Additionally, a water back-flow device may be to keep the water out.

Your landscape maintenance company may have recommendations for other steps to winterize your landscaping and water features. In addition to removing water, some water features may need additional winter protection. Your landscape professional may have options for you to consider to best protect your landscaping and water elements.

If you need help with winter landscape upkeep, contact J&S Landscape serving the Longmont and Boulder areas. We’ll make sure your yard is well-prepared for winter weather. We can also make sure that all your water features and irrigation systems are properly set for the season.

Winter Renovations Can Be Done

Sometimes, the best time to prepare your lawn for next year is in the winter. It is a good way to take advantage of the season and the course of nature and use it to your advantage. Early on is a great time to re-seed or plant which is another reason for winter landscape upkeep.

Early winter is also an excellent time to plant spring bulbs, hedges, and winter annuals. It can also be a good time to even out any terrain that may need it. Putting in some winter plants can help make your landscaping pop even in the midst of our dreary and gray season.

Ongoing Cleanup and Mulching

Throughout the fall and winter, continued cleanup will help keep debris from causing trouble like rotting wet leaves harming your lawn. It will also keep leaves from staining your walkway as they decompose. It is a great time to mulch and prepare beds for the next season. Mulch helps your plants maintain some warmth and nutrients in the brutal winter. Mulching can do wonders for keeping your garden looking its best.

Keep An Eye Out for Drainage Issues

Winter can be wet, that’s a given. All this water can make any drainage issues you have much more apparent. While it may be tempting to let the water sit, sometimes standing puddles are a sign you have a problem with drainage in your yard, even around your foundation. A landscape professional may have options to solve such issues. Your water can be channeled so that your landscaping, driveways, and sidewalks are protected.

Getting your drainage issues fixed can also ensure that your water problem doesn’t progress over the winter, and it can be a good way to ensure that the solution is working well. Yet another reason why you need winter landscape upkeep.

Now that you know why you need winter landscape upkeep, contact J&S Landscape serving the Boulder and Longmont areas. We’ll make sure that your landscaping is ready for winter and that it is well tended to for the best results in the spring.

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