pond in the winter

Water features in the winter?

First, knowing how cold Colorado can get during the winter, you will want to search for water features that can be drained both simply and easily. Leaving water to freeze can do damage. For example, a water fountain under freezing conditions may chip or crack as the water expands. Such a repair can be costly.

Also, it is important to consider that a frozen water feature that has not been drained can lead to frozen pipes and broken seals. If you want an outside water feature, consider one that allows you to run lines to an indoor area or have protective housing built to keep the pump running no matter how cold it gets.

Consider the Material

Using a sturdy material is an important component of outdoor water features. Some materials do not hold up well under the freezing and thawing that can take place in colder climates. For example, some precast concrete fountains may only last 2-3 years before they begin to crumble. It is important to ask questions about the material used and its expected lifespan under harsh conditions.

Also look at reviews for similar water features to be sure that there is not an evident problem in such temperatures. Working with your local landscape company is a good way to know what will work best for your conditions. Here at J&S Landscape in Boulder, our experts have experience with water features that will work best under Colorado’s cold weather conditions and guide you through selecting the right material, such as the ClifRock Panel System.

Consider Heating

Some water features are made with freezing climates in mind. Such water features may be a bit more costly but may be worthwhile if you are interested in having a working feature year-round. For example, there are heated fountains that are made to withstand freezing climates.

If you choose such a water feature, it will be important to follow the recommendations that come from the manufacturer or your landscape company. Though these features withstand freezing, the water may still freeze along the surface. Understanding what to do in such circumstances will be important.

Can you have a water feature in a cold climate? Yes, indeed you can. While you should take the freezing weather into consideration, it does not preclude you from adding one to your garden or landscape. Come see us about cold-climate water features here at J&S Landscape in Boulder and we can help you choose a water feature you will enjoy for years to come.

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