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Designing your water feature

Our team at J&S Landscape in Longmont can discuss these water feature styles for your backyard. A new outdoor water feature will add a sophisticated ambiance and function to your backyard landscape, no matter the size of your yard or the limits of your budget. Let us help you create a refreshing, beautiful, and calming water feature.

Waterfalls to ponds, a water feature in your yard adds tranquil beauty with soothing sounds that can help relieve stress after a hectic day.

It can also create a cooling effect during warmer months and improve your property’s value if you ever decide to sell.

  • Getting Started

Transforming your home’s exterior starts with the careful consideration of the feature’s purpose, terrain of your yard, as well as size and design. You’ll need to decide on a budget and set your timeline.

Your project may also require permits and inspections, attention to existing irrigation lines, and perhaps, adherence to your HOA’s rules. Last but not least, think about how much maintenance you want to take on to maintain your water feature.

If it sounds like a lot for you to juggle, you’ll want to hire professionals. And that’s where J&S Landscape comes in. Our team can help design and install all water feature styles for your yard.

  • Pondless Waterfalls

Everyone loves a waterfall. A pondless waterfall is a great option for small backyards or safety concerns about ponds. The recirculating water makes it easy to maintain.

A pondless waterfall works much the same way as a regular pond. The difference between a pond and a pondless waterfall is the hole for the waterfall is dug deeper than for a standard small pond.

It is lined with rock and gravel and then filled with water. The water circulates through the waterfall from under the rocks and gravel by a pump on the bottom. The water level never collects above the level of the rock and gravel, so if offers a waterfall without the pond.

  • Water Fountains

The sounds of a backyard water fountain bring a peaceful sound and a calm to your landscape. Position it near your deck or patio and enjoy your water fountain as you watch the sunset or host guests.

There are many different kinds of water fountains like bubbling boulders, spouting statues, and tiered garden fountains. The fountain can bubble or single or multi-spray. Electric pumps are often used to allow the water to spray or circulate and help keep the water fresh.

  • Garden Ponds

One of the classic water feature styles for your yard is a pond. Imagine one stocked with colorful koi fish and plants like water lilies with a water circulation system keeping the water flowing. A pond can quickly become the focal point of your landscape, especially when framed by colorful perennials.

  • Water Walls

Water flowing over a vertical mosaic wall can be a gorgeous addition. It can add a classic or abstract beauty to a front courtyard, backyard or atrium through the use of color and pattern. Mosaics can be one-toned and simple, or a tile design that is complex and colorful.

  • Bird Baths

Have you thought of adding a bird bath? It’s an easy way to add a water feature to your lawn or garden and attract beautiful, local birds. Bird baths can bring character and even art into your backyard or you can choose a bird bath that blends in with nature.

So, if you’d like to refresh your outdoors, simply talk to J&S Landscape in Longmont about the popular water feature styles for your yard that we discuss today.

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