Carnivorous plant care for the beginner

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Carnivorous plant care for the beginner

One of the current trends in landscape design is the introduction of carnivorous plants into everyday flower beds and planters. Venus Fly Traps, Pitcher Plants, and Cape Sundew plants are all members of the insect lunching potted plants, and the result is an eclectic selection of plant life that eats bug lives.

Although some types of carnivorous plants can be intimidating for beginners to care for, most simply need a humid environment, rainwater or purified water, and 4 hours of direct sunlight every day in order to thrive and consume small insects and arachnids around your home and garden. Surprisingly, they grow best in acidic soil, as that is the reason the plants mutated to become carnivorous in the first place: it was an evolutionary response to dying out in highly acidic, non-nutritional soil.

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