10 Smart Landscaping Ideas

10 Smart Landscaping Ideas J&S Landscape BoulderHere are 10 smart landscaping ideas from our experts at J&S Landscape serving the Boulder and Longmont areas. There are clever and affordable ways to make your landscaping eye-catching and increase your home’s curb appeal. Such ideas can even increase the value of your home. Big impressions can be achieved by adding color, functionality, texture, as well as a point of interest. These ideas can help you get started envisioning your space.


Evergreens are a wise landscaping choice because they keep their color year round. This allows your landscaping to keep more of its appeal, even through winter. Evergreens can also help soften the sharp lines of a home, helping it to appear more appealing and inviting. You can choose evergreen shrubs and add evergreen trees to keep your home looking more like spring throughout the year.

Walkways & Fences

If you have points of interest in your backyard, like a garden, a fire pit, a patio, or other area, walkways are a great way to attractively connect them. Such connective walkways can be done using materials such as concrete stepping stones, decorative brick paths, or a crushed stone trail. Connecting the various points of interest is a way to pull them together and helps unify your yard, especially if you use a material that’s the same or similar to your home’s exterior.

Another of our smart landscaping ideas is to secure your yard and define various spaces with a custom fence. You can go with anything from traditional wood to natural stone.

Create Interest by Using a Berm

A berm, which is a mound, can be covered with rock, flowers, or grass, and is an easy way to break up your landscaping. Adding a berm or two can be an excellent way to create texture, add color, and break up the monotony of a flat yard. Corners, which are often neglected and unused, are great places to consider placing a berm.

A berm can also be an interesting way to incorporate flowers into your unused spaces. Be sure to consider the size of the berm, in addition to the placement, to make a berm that fits well with your landscaping. Additionally, if you are going to plant on the berm, take appropriate drainage into consideration so that your plants flourish.


Sometimes simple ideas can add large appeal. Large rocks or boulders, such as ones that are too big to fit in the bed of your truck are a fairly easy way create a point of interest or two and make a statement in your landscaping. Not sure how big or where to place it? Ask a professional, such as the ones here at J&S Landscape serving the Boulder and Longmont areas. We can help you find the right rock and can make recommendations on placement to give your landscaping just the right look.

Water Features

Using a water feature is a wonderful way to add beauty to your landscape. It is important though to choose a water feature that fits with your home so that it will achieve the results you are looking for. An oversized water sculpture might fit well with a tutor-style home, but less well with a ranch-style house. You could use a natural stone water feature or use a material that is found on your home. Whatever water feature you choose, be sure that the size will work well for the space and that it will complement the surroundings for best results.

Enjoy an Outdoor Seating Area

For an outdoor escape, smart landscaping ideas include installing a patio to create a hangout area for relaxing in your yard or entertaining guests. Concrete is a wise choice as are stones or pavers. Select an area of your yard that is shaded or near trees to create a feeling of privacy and make the area more appealing. You can also create shade if needed. Once constructed, you may find it to be a great space to read or take a nap. Add flowers, lighting and other touches around the area for extra appeal.

Include a Variety of Plants

Choose plants so that you have blooms or color throughout the year. When it comes to smart landscaping ideas, diversifying your plants can allow you to enjoy the change in your landscape in all seasons. When landscapes have all their plants in bloom at the same time, the yard looks great, but really only at that one time of year. Choose plants with long blooming seasons or plants which look great in winter or fall for more diversity in your landscape year round.

The Rustic Look is All the Rage

Split-rail fences, wagon wheels, and wooden bucket planters can contribute to a rustic landscape plan. Incorporate elements that will contribute to the rustic look you want. Rustic landscaping is a popular option but you may want to use a different theme instead. Looking for elements to highlight your theme, regardless of what it is, is a great way to improve your landscaping

Add Curved Lines

Creating curved lines in your garden is a great way to go. A serpentine edge along your garden creates interest, adding both character and appeal. Edge your lines for added sharpness. Edging is a subtle but excellent way to enhance your landscape year-round and it is an easy way to improve your yard.

Illumination of Walkways and Focal Points is an Easy Win

Your attractive yard deserves to be visible after hours and landscape lighting is an excellent way to do this. Illuminating walkways and focal points creates additional beauty to your landscape. Don’t fall for the common mistake of setting your lights in straight lines and at regular intervals. Consider alternatives to break up the lines and add interest.

These 10 smart landscaping ideas will help make your landscaping more attractive and can even help increase the value of your home. If you need help making your landscaping ideas a reality, contact us here at J&S Landscape serving the Boulder and Longmont areas. We can help with planning and constructing your landscaping dreams.

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