Backyard garden retreat

Filling every nook and cranny

Amazingly, this phrase was first used over six hundred years ago. If you haven’t heard it before, a nook described a distant corner and a cranny meant a small crack or gap. Put together, the phrase often means making something as full as possible or filling every space.

This makes it a terrific descriptor for a crevice garden; a superb sculptural feature to which you can add plants that can thrive in a minimal environment, a bit like those pesky weeds that tend to find a home between cracks in pavements, patios or driveways. Plants can be placed both vertically and horizontally, brilliantly spreading to cover all available space.

If you’d like to find out more about the idea of adding a superb crevice garden to your landscape design, the experts at J & S Landscape are happy to – well – fill in the gaps…

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