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How to Create Low-Maintenance Landscaping

little stream landscaping J&S Landscape BoulderIf you want to learn how to create low-maintenance landscaping, our experts here at J&S Landscape, serving the Boulder and Longmont areas, have some ideas for you. This type of yard can be appealing to people who are busy, retired, or who have an active lifestyle. We have a number of clients who appreciate having landscaping that looks great but allows them to spend their weekends enjoying it, not working on it.

There’s a common belief that if a yard must have grass. However, a conventional grass lawn can require a lot of attention and time. However, if you don’t have kids or pets, going with low-maintenance landscaping allows you to skip some of the time and effort but still have a yard that you love. Even if you do grass needs, ask us about the many wonderful advances in artificial turf that looks and feels just like real grass.

Install Solar Lights along walkways and to highlight your central landscape features is a simple, low-maintenance and low-cost way to improve your yard’s style. Solar lights are relatively easy to install because they do not require wiring and have the added bonus of being environmentally friendly. These lights look particularly good when highlighting river rock walkways or paving stones, but really, soft outdoor lights generally add a pleasing effect to any landscape.

Drought-Resistant Plants create naturally low-maintenance landscaping because they require less water to thrive. Just add an automatic drip watering system and you’re all set. You can go with native plants as a great way to add texture and color to your landscaping without adding extra maintenance effort and time. Native plants have adapted to thrive in your area, making them ideal candidates for your yard.

Also, choose plants that are low to the ground or of medium height to keep your home as the focal point. It is wise to think of plants as framing your home to look more pleasing, so you want to avoid those that block the view of your home, particularly in the front yard.

Replace Concrete with Paving Stones or River Rock to driveways, walkways, and porch areas. Over time, concrete can crack and become unattractive. Plus, it’s a pretty typical sight in most neighborhoods. Replacing your concrete with paving stones or river rock can give your landscaping a higher-end look and it can make long-term maintenance easier. Concrete repairs often involve replacing large sections and often the color does not exactly match. River rock and paving stones allow for smaller, easier repairs of only the needed areas.

If you would like to replace your concrete with pavers or river rock, contact us here at J&S Landscape, serving the Boulder and Longmont areas. We can replace your concrete with a look you will enjoy for years to come. Call and talk to us today about your ideas!

Control Your Weeds by planting natural ground cover which is a good way to crowd out weeds without a great deal of effort. You can also spray conventional herbicides or use a more natural weed control. Regardless of what option you choose, eliminating weeds is an easy way to improve the appearance of your landscape without much effort. You can also consider ways to prohibit weeds from growing in the first place while achieving very low-maintenance and making your landscape look great – like installing artificial turf.

Speaking of Artificial Turf, synthetic grass is growing in popularity for residential use and the reasons are clear. Like we said earlier, you can have a lush looking, weed-free, green landscape and be free from mowing, watering, and fertilizing. For people who are not fans of yard work or for those who have little time for tending to their lawn, artificial turf may be the ideal option for low-maintenance landscaping.

Consider Adding Fencing, Gates, or Arbors which are easy ways to enhance your home’s landscaping appeal. Garden arches and gates can be easy to install and if you choose wisely, the maintenance required can be minimal. These can be easy ways to add both visual appeal and a touch of elegance to your yard.

Add a Little Garden Art such as a fountain or a stone sculpture. There are a ton of options that can add a little visual interest with very little effort on your part. Just remember that too many items of interest may make your yard look cluttered. To achieve the best effect, choose a piece or two that you really like, that work well with your house and fit in with the existing landscape theme or design. 

Add Attractive Ground Cover to Any Bare Areas. Wood chips, mulch, bark, and gravel are all easy and relatively inexpensive ways to cover bare areas without needing a great deal of long-term maintenance. Additionally, these kinds of ground cover inhibit weed growth and don’t require water. The best part is that it is easy to refresh these areas when needed.

Add a Seating Area. Not just for your backyard, a small seating area can even add interest to your front yard, too. Maybe a small bistro set for your morning coffee routine would also add an area of visual excitement to your landscaping. A small level area of your lawn or patio is sufficient, but you can also build a small wood deck or create a paving stone patio. Creating a gravel area that is edged with flowers or native plants would also be a great way to spruce up your landscaping.

Add More Parking

If you have a great deal of lawn area or a large side yard, consider creating a parking area and you won’t have to worry about low-maintenance landscaping. This can be particularly useful if you have extra vehicles, an RV, or a boat. This can help you create organized space and simultaneously lighten your yard maintenance load.

If you want to know more about how to create low-maintenance landscaping or need help with implementing the ideas discussed here, please contact us at J&S Landscape, serving the Boulder and Longmont areas. Our friendly experts can help you plan and install everything from native plants to water features, outdoor kitchens, decks, arbors – you name it.

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