Trends in modern landscape design

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Trends in modern landscape design

Plant trends come and go – new flower varieties or colors, for instance – but the appeal of a well-designed yard is timeless. While many people have ideas of what they would like the yard of their dreams to look like, they need a landscaping company to bring it to life.

Over the last decade, the variety of options for outdoor living has grown tremendously. More homeowners want to enjoy their yard year-round, which means many items now do double duty or are weatherproof. For instance, a wall can be turned into an edible vertical garden to provide both food and a privacy screen. Seating around a firepit for fall and winter might also work for seating around an outdoor movie projector for use in summer.

Pergolas can and do provide more than just shade now. Outdoor landscape construction such as a pergola can house outdoor kitchens that are just as nice, if not nicer, than kitchens in the home. There’s just about no appliance that hasn’t been adapted for outdoor use these days. A luxury outdoor kitchen that incorporates the larger landscape design in your home’s yard means you can love your yard any time you want to step outside.

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