4 Simple Reasons to Choose Xeriscaping

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4 Simple Reasons to Choose Xeriscaping

reasons to choose xeriscaping J&S Landscape BoulderIf you’re ready to upgrade your yard, you may be wondering if xeriscaping is right for your landscape design.

Today, our experts at J&S Landscape in Boulder discuss 4 simple reasons to choose xeriscaping.

First and foremost, it’s perfect when your city has summer water restrictions or if you are simply environmentally conscious and want to conserve earth’s precious resources.

1. Xeriscaping is Beautiful

Many people assume that if their landscaping can’t be green, it is going to ugly. People often imagine that xeriscaping means desert rocks and cactuses. In reality, xeriscape really means finding the right plants for your area that can survive well in low to no water situations.

While rocks and cactuses certainly fit this bill, they are not the only options available. There are many drought-tolerant plants that add both beauty and color while meeting your low water expectations. Xeriscaping is also a great way to introduce native plants into your Boulder garden, particularly if your area is drought prone.

2. Xeriscaping is Low-Maintenance

If you hate spending a great deal of time on landscape maintenance, like mulching your garden or adding soil amendments to correct soil conditions, xeriscaping might be the perfect solution.

It can save you time—xeriscaping is very low maintenance—you will have time you can use on things you enjoy. Having a beautiful garden that takes very little effort to maintain is the best part of xeriscaping for some people, particularly those who don’t enjoy gardening or who feel they do not have “green thumbs”.

3. Xeriscaping Works in Less Than Optimal Soil

Often xeric gardens are great options when you have soil that is less habitable for more sensitive plantings. Rather than spending a lot of money and time on amending and reconditioning your soil, there are generally plants that will thrive in the soil conditions you already have and help with reconditioning along the way.

Xeric plants are often at home in rocky and lean soil, such as within crevice gardens, thriving in dry weather conditions and excellent drainage. Such plants may actually struggle if they sit for long periods in too much water—their roots will rot!

4. Xeriscaping is Good for the Environment

One of the biggest reasons to choose xeriscaping is the environment. Reducing your water use is a great way to conserve resources, even if your community has no water restrictions in place. Saving water can save you money on your water bill.

In addition to saving water, xeriscaping uses less fertilizer, which lowers the production of runoff pollution in urban areas. These gardens also incorporate fewer grass-only areas, so there is less mowing and less equipment needed to maintain your garden. Xeriscaping has a lot of bonuses for the environment, as well as for you.

If you’re thinking about reasons to choose xeriscaping, get in touch with our professionals here at J&S Landscape, and we can help you design a landscape you’ll love to have and enjoy.

Of course, if xeriscaping is not for you, we offer comprehensive landscaping solutions for all tastes, needs and budgets. Give us a call for a consultation. We serve Longmont, Boulder, Niwot, Superior, Lafayette, Broomfield, Louisville, Fort Collins and the surrounding communities.

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