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Easy to maintain crevice garden

Whimsical additions for gardens & yards

Looking for something fun and whimsical to add to your landscaping or yard? There are many creative features to consider, from large to tiny.

Here are some ideas:

– Terraced Flowerbeds: For vibrant color in appealing layers!

– Log Borders: Vertical logs offer a unique look along flowerbeds.

– Rock Patches: Low-lying bloomers look lovely when spaced around flat patches of rock in landscape.

– Containers: Add or re-plant some plants and flowers in eye-catching new containers & pots.

– Sculpting: Hedges can take on exciting new designs, from spheres to animal shapes (intricate looks may be best done by a pro).

Use your imagination or get in touch with your caring local landscaping company, J & S Landscape, to get even more ideas! We do enjoy brainstorming with customers.

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