4 Attractive Benefits of Installing the ClifRock Panel System

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4 Attractive Benefits of Installing the ClifRock Panel System

Installing the ClifRock Panel System J&S Landscape BoulderAdding rock and stone to your backyard water feature or outdoor kitchen might be your vision, but have you considered installing the ClifRock® Panel System instead?

At J&S Landscape in Longmont, we’ve worked with many clients who initially balked at the thought of going with anything but genuine stone. They didn’t want something fake and cheap-looking to detract from the final product. And for a long time, we agreed that keeping it real was the way to go.

Then the ClifRock Panel System came along. This stuff not only looked great but had the right feel and plenty of versatility. Instead of bringing in masons to complete a multi-day or weeklong project, our crew was able to complete a ClifRock install in about one day.

Best of all, our clients loved it and many couldn’t tell it wasn’t real rock or stone.

Since we started installing the ClifRock Panel System, we’ve found that it can be used nearly anywhere, including outdoor kitchens, fire pits, seating areas, as well as ponds, pools and other water features.

Need more convincing? Check out these benefits of ClifRock.

Fast Installation

With ClifRock, it’s basically a three-step installation. First, the proprietary StoneRock® is mixed, cast, and set. In less than 2 hours, panels will be demolded, then properly installed and secured in place. Joints are mechanically and chemically bonded. The finished look is created with paint and sealer. And that’s it.

This enables J&S Landscape to transform your entire backyard in weeks not months. Many outdoor living areas can be installed in a week or less, in fact, many outdoor kitchen and fire feature projects can even be installed in less than one day and with minimal disruption to your yard.

It is also affordable compared to other methods. ClifRock panels are strong and self-supporting. And because it’s lighter than real rock, around 1/10 the weight of natural stone, there’s no need to add footings. This lets us build on existing patios and pool decks without retrofitting.

Strong and Durable

The panels used in the system have an 11,000 Compressive PSI and 1,750 Flexural PSI. That basically means they’re highly durable and resist extreme weather like we have in Colorado. The freeze and thaw cycles we have cause other materials and structures to expand and contract, destroying their integrity.

ClifRock has gone through extensive testing, including temperature and moisture extremes with over 3,000 freeze-thaw cycles and the results are zero failures.

Quality and Value

These panels offer the beauty of natural stone with many design and style options for you to a from. ClifRock is similar to high-end stone veneer while being much more affordable. Installing the ClifRock Panel System certainly reduces the amount of time and labor needed which translates into savings.

In addition, the structure and stone details won’t degrade or fade due to exposure to direct sunlight. And the system is virtually unaffected by rain and snow, giving you maximum water resistance. That means minimal maintenance and nearly zero repair work.

Unique Design

To create an outdoor living space completely unique to you, our certified installers can help you design the backyard of your dreams

If you have a pool (or want us to build you one), ClifRock can be used to add a diving rock or grotto. Want to dress up an outdoor kitchen? We can help by installing the ClifRock Panel System to create a river rock look, even a modern, stacked stone vibe. The options are only limited by your imagination!

Now that you’re convinced, get in touch with our landscapers at J&S Landscape in Longmont. We can show you samples and get started on a design right away. Call or contact us today.

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